cat-licking.jpgIPNews® – Internet sensation Grumpy Cat recently scored a court victory against Grenade Beverage for copyright infringement.

Grumpy Cat Limited had agreed to let Grenade Beverage use the cat’s image in relation to ‘Grumpuccino’ iced coffee.  Grumpy Cat Limited sued after Grenade infringed the cat’s rights by producing other products with Grumpy Cat’s image and

cat-licking.jpgIPNews® – The owners of famous feline Grumpy Cat filed a lawsuit against its coffee maker licensee Grenade Beverage.  

The lawsuit claims that Grenade used the famous Grumpy Cat images and trademark on t-shirts without authorization.  The lawsuit also alleges that Grenade did not give Grumpy Cat LLC a percentage of the Grumppuccino profits

cat-licking.jpgIPNews® – Grumpy Cat Ltd. has filed a lawsuit against coffee company Grenade Beverage.  Grenade Beverage holds a license to use the Grumpy Cat branding to sell an iced beverage, but there’s a debate over whether its launching of a coffee bean product violates the agreement.

Grumpy Cat brought forth claims of copyright infringement, trademark