Glass-google.jpgIPNews® – Tech giant Google has faced an uphill battle in obtaining trademark protection over the word “Glass” for its next big product.

The Silicon Valley powerhouse filed a response to the USPTO’s sweeping refusal of the GLASS trademark application, arguing that there was no likelihood of confusion between “Glass” and other similar trademarks and

Glass-google.jpgIPNews® –  A new patent granted to Google will allow the company to implement hand gesture picture-taking technology in its forthcoming Google Glass device

Google’s latest patent gives us a glimpse of potential new technology to be included in its Google Glass wearable computer, which is rumored to debut sometime next year.   The patent claims

glasses.jpgIPNews® – With its recently approved patent, Google has introduced the world to its plans for revolutionizing the advertising industry.

This new patent, if implemented, would be used on Google’s Glass device, a set of high tech eyeglasses with cameras to record what the user is viewing.  This patent for a “gaze tracking device” would