IPNews® – The Eighth Circuit on Tuesday affirmed a $222,000 copyright infringement verdict against a Minnesota woman whom the major record labels accused of sharing copyrighted songs through the peer-to-peer file-sharing service Kazaa.

The Minnesota district court had cut the jury’s damages award to $54,000 three times for three separate jury trials in the case

Grooveshark.jpgIPNews® – EMI Music added one more complaint last week to the pile of copyright infringement lawsuits record labels are pursuing against online music streaming service Grooveshark.

The service continued to provide EMI’s music to users despite failing to make licensing payments or provide sales records, EMI’s complaint in New York federal court against Grooveshark

bird_kookaburra.jpgLos Angeles – Aussie pop band Men At Work and its record company EMI Music have lost their last appeal in a copyright infringement lawsuit filed last year by Music Sales Corporation.

The claim accused the pop band of stealing bars from a 1930’s Australian children’s song for its international chart-topper, “Down Under.”  Apparently, Men