IPNews® – A Florida-based chapter of The Society of Professional Journalists has filed a trademark application for “Fake News”.

The group is also reportedly already policing use by sending cease and desist letters to alleged infringers, including to Donald Trump himself. The effort will likely be an uphill battle. To continue reading, click: Journalist Group

IPNews® – President Donald Trump found himself in hot water again recently related to his use of Twitter.

The president made a tweet that mimicked HBO’s Game of Thrones’ “Winter is Coming” phrase but instead stated “Sanctions are Coming”. The tweet used and image and font that brings to mind the popular HBO show. To

trump.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have scored a victory in the attempts to register the Trump trademark across numerous categories in China.  

After numerous bumps in the application process, Mr. Trump has finally won his fight for the Trump name in China for real-estate-agent services in both the commercial and residential

trump.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump is apparently focusing on November 8th, when the entire country will know if he has won or lost the election.  

However, amid rumors that Trump may start his own television network if the election doesn’t go his way, a New York physician and lifelong Democrat, Mark Grabowsky, has filed for

candy-skittles.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump Jr., son of Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump, recently posted a controversial Skittles Tweet.

The image is a white bowl full of rainbow colored Skittles.  The text on the image compared Syrian refugees to deadly Skittles and after creating the controversy was removed from Twitter due to copyright infringement issues. 

vote.jpgIPNews® – Wildlife photographers Wendy Shattil and Robert Rozinski are suing Donald Trump’s campaign for copyright infringement, after one of their photos was found on merchandise for the GOP candidate.

The Denver-based photographers claim their photo “Bald Eagle Portrait” has appeared on Trump campaign materials without their permission.  Attorneys for the couple are asking for

vote.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump is threatening lawsuits against websites selling products which use his “Make America Great Again” trademark.

The trademark is registered by Trump for political action committee services, but it was only recently filed for items such as apparel.  Proceeds from the sale of authentic Trump products go to the benefit of his