tv setup.jpgIPNews® – TiVo Inc.’s damages for Motorola Mobility Inc. and Time Warner Cable Inc.’s alleged infringement of its patented digital video recording technology could add up to billions of dollars, TiVo told a Texas court Monday.

Motorola’s massive production of infringing DVRs outclasses the number of products at issue in TiVo’s previous infringement cases against

wireless router.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit ruled on Tuesday that Belkin International Inc. is barred from appealing the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s refusal to consider its additional submissions of prior art in an attempt to have a rival’s wireless router patent invalidated on reexamination.

Belkin and fellow router makers Cisco Linksys LLC, D-Link Systems Inc.

tv_remote_control.jpgIPNews® – Cisco Systems filed a patent infringment lawsuit last week against digital video recording company TiVo. 

Cisco is seeking declaratory relief that its products are based on its own patents and do not infringe on the technology included in TiVo’s patents.  TiVo currently has multiple lawsuits pending against Cisco customers over the technology for