new balance.jpgIPNews® New Balance has achieved a significant victory in China for trademark infringement. 

In a case against three knockoff Chinese companies, New Balance was awarded the largest trademark award ever to a foreign company in China.  The decision comes shortly after new laws in China to curb intellectual property infringements.  To continue reading, click: New

trump.jpgIPNews® – The Trump companies are at it again filing trademark applications in China.  

Ivanka Trump’s latest applications raise further ethical concerns about the Trump family’s ability to govern while holding international business ties.  According to a member of a US watchdog group, Campaign Legal Center, Ms. Trump should not have conflicts of interest

chinese_flag.jpgIPNews® – A recent Trump trademark victory in China has once again raised ethics concerns related to a Donald Trump presidency.  The Trump organization says they are simply protecting their brand from infringers. Opponents state that the President has breached the constitution and opened himself to foreign influence.

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trump.jpgIPNews® – Donald Trump and the Trump Organization have scored a victory in the attempts to register the Trump trademark across numerous categories in China.  

After numerous bumps in the application process, Mr. Trump has finally won his fight for the Trump name in China for real-estate-agent services in both the commercial and residential

Qualcomm.pngIPNews® – Qualcomm was recently fined $975 million for being in violation of China’s anti-monopoly law related to patent licensing.

As the primary producer of smartphone chips and related technology, Qualcomm allegedly abused its dominant position to receive additional terms from licensees.  Qualcomm has responded to the investigation by easing its patent licensing terms. To

flag.jpgSan Diego – A recent study by the United States International Trade Commission has revealed that intellectual property infringement by China is costing the U.S. more than one million jobs.  Despite stricter Chinese laws in the areas of trademarks, copyrights, and patents, China continues  to be a haven for counterfeiters and pirates.

The Trade Commission