scarf.jpgIPNews® – Rapper and producer Perry Moise recently ran into trouble when he adopted the stage name “Burberry” and used iconic branding elements of the luxury fashion brand Burberry.

Burberry, the English fashion brand, sent several cease and desist letters with no response and eventually filed a trademark infringement and dilution lawsuit.  In a recent

scarf.jpgIPNews® – British luxury fashion brand Burberry recently filed a lawsuit against J.C. Penney for its use of Burberry’s trademarked check pattern.

Burberry argues that J.C. Penney continued using the trademarked pattern for two months after Burberry brought the trademark infringement to its attention.  This is not the only lawsuit J.C. Penny has been involved

louis-vuitton-case.jpgSan Diego – The Federal Court in Canada has recently awarded the largest ever judgment in a trademark counterfeiting and copyright infringement case.  Louis Vuitton, the luxury French fashion label, was awarded $1.4 million and co-plaintiffs Burberry Limited and Burberry Canada were awarded $1.1 million in a judgment against Singga Enterprises (Canada) and Carnation Fashion