pirate_flag.jpgIPNews® – Copyright enforcement agencies are directly monitoring BitTorrent file-sharing traffic on a massive scale, scanning for potentially infringing activities, a group of researchers said Tuesday.

The group claims their study provides the first definitive evidence of such direct monitoring, which is focused primarily on the most popular music and movies. The IP addresses of

movie-film-cannister.jpgLos Angeles – In the largest Internet copyright infringement case in United States history, a federal judge is permitting the U.S. Copyright Group (USCG) to subpoena Internet service providers for the identities of 23,000 file sharers who illegally downloaded the film “The Expendables.”  The USCG is a plaintiff’s organization which brings together independent film companies

river-torrent.jpgOrange County – In the ongoing battle against illegal file-sharers, Google is taking steps to remove references to the word “torrent” from its search results. The search engine site announced in December that it would work towards “making copyright work better online”, and that “terms that are closely associated with piracy” would no longer populate