IPNews® – Amazon has won another patent for a robot capable of delivering its packages.

The patent comes on the heels of Amazon Scout which is a 6 wheeled robot being tested for deliveries in Seattle. Amazon has also received notice lately for patents related to drone delivery and grocery stores that automate the check

IPNews® – Amazon has filed a patent application that includes Alexa recording before a wake word.

Amazon has made it clear that this technology is not currently in use. Amazon may be exploring always on type technology for Alexa that might involve Alexa knowing when being spoken to without the necessity of a wake word.

amazon.jpgIPNews® – Online retailer Amazon is being sued by the maker of the Snuggie blanket and two other companies that sell products on Amazon.  

The lawsuit claims that Amazon is committing trademark infringement by allowing counterfeit products to flood the legitimate product listings on the website.  All three companies create products that are “As

drone delivery.jpgIPNews® – Amazon was recently awarded a patent related to aerial delivery of packages, meaning that drones may be delivering goods to our front door in the future.

After being awarded the patent for a system for aerial delivery, Amazon continues to fight to change FAA laws to allow for commercial use of unmanned drones. 

rocket-engines.jpgIPNews® – Elon Musk’s SpaceX and Jeff Bezos’ Blue Origin are butting heads over a patent application from Blue Origin that claims rights to a procedure for landing booster rockets at sea.

SpaceX has filed its objections stating that the technology and science outlined in the patent are nothing new and that it does not

amazon.jpgIPNews® – Amazon and Apple have been ordered by a U. S. magistrate judge into settlement talks for the trademark lawsuit Apple filed against Amazon.

Shortly after Amazon launched an “app store” on its website, Apple filed suit in the Northern District of California claiming that Amazon was infringing its trademark and engaging in unfair

tablet_pc.jpgIPNews® – Lenovo Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and other tablet makers are infringing Hopewell Culture & Design LLC’s patent for a double-click user interaction system, Hopewell said in a barrage of new lawsuits filed Friday.

B&N’s Nook, Amazon’s Kindle, Lenovo’s ThinkPad andIdea Pad, Coby Electronics Corp.’s Kyros, Viewsonic Corp.’s ViewBook and Viewpad

amazon.jpgIPNews® – A California federal judge on Tuesday ruled in favor of Amazon.com Inc. in OIP Technologies Inc.’s patent infringement suit alleging the world’s largest online retailer used OIP’s technology for an automated online commerce pricing system without authorization.

OIP sued Amazon in March alleging infringement of U.S. Patent Number 7,970,713, titled “Method and apparatus