medical_instruments.jpgIPNews® – The TTAB recently ruled that BOTULEX is confusingly similar to BOTOX, which will prevent the BOTULEX trademark application from proceeding to registration.

The fight over younger looking skin has a winner as the makers of BOTOX successfully opposed a trademark application for BOTULEX, the brand name of similar skin rejuvenation products.  The victory

eye.jpgIPNews® – Allergan, Inc. was granted partial summary judgment against Cosmetic Alchemy, LLC for inducing its customers to infringe Allergan’s patents that cover its popular eyelash growth drug Latisse.

U.S. District Judge James V. Selna of the Central District of California ruled that Cosmetic Alchemy had induced its customers to infringe Allergan’s patent by marketing

pills-tablets.jpgIPNews® – The Federal Circuit ruled in favor of pharmaceutical giant Allergan, saying that two generic-drug manufacturers would infringe its patent if they attempted to make a generic form of Lumigan, a patented drug for glaucoma patients.

Barr Laboratories, Inc. and Sandoz, Inc. were found by the lower court to not have sufficiently proven their

pills.jpgIPNews® – A U.S. District Court in Delaware recently ruled that Allergan’s patents related to its Sanctura XR drug are invalid. 

The ruling stems from a 2009 patent infringement complaint filed by Allergan against Watson Pharmaceuticals, in its attempts to prevent Watson from filing an abbreviated new drug application with the FDA for the generic