tesla.jpgIPNews® – Tesla’s logo for its upcoming Model 3 vehicle received a rebrand near the time that Adidas filed a notice of opposition, with some speculating Adidas’ actions caused the change in design.

Adidas opposed the trademark application by Tesla, arguing the proposed Tesla design infringed Adidas’ iconic 3 stripe logo.  Tesla has claimed that

shoes.jpgIPNews® – Adidas has filed a lawsuit against Skechers, claiming patent infringement over a shoe design that attaches running blades to the sole of the shoe.

This lawsuit is the second one by Adidas and third one by a major competitor against Skechers in the past year.  The shoe industry is seeing a trend in

shoes.jpgIPNews® – Adidas filed a lawsuit against Costa Mesa, California based World Industries and Big 5 for trademark infringement of its three parallel diagonal-striped design. 

Adidas is accusing World Industries of producing a shoe which infringes on its trademarks, and is accusing Big 5 for selling and advertising the infringing product.  Adidas is seeking monetary