vent.jpgSan Diego – The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued  a “Notice of Allowability” to EarthSure Renewable Energy Corp. declaring that its WindAir patent has been approved.  This notice of allowance means that the USPTO has decided that this is a novel invention and that the USPTO has the intention of granting the patent.

EarthSure’s new WindAir technology creates an innovative form of clean, renewable energy.  WindAir utilizes a mechanical method that captures the exhausted airflow from commercial air conditioning and outdoor refrigeration condenser units and then converts it into a source of renewable, clean energy by using its second stage air fan turbine.  With the world-wide application of this innovative technology, EarthSure aims to lower electric consumption, thus reducing greenhouse gases.

EarthSure CEO and WindAir inventor Raymond Saluccio stated, “A recent U.S. Supreme Court case has been the most important patent ruling in years because it raises the bar in obtaining patents on new products that rely on new combinations of existing publicly known elements.  This ruling makes all patents in the renewable energy field more valuable because of the difficulties in obtaining them.”  He went on to say that at this point in his business, patents are extremely important because they provide access to new inventions.

With an increased  sense of urgency to stop global warming, and green technologies in demand, the WindAir technology comes at a good time.  The demand for alternative methods of renewable energy has led to increased government funding and venture capital investment so innovators can expect a bright future in the effort to help save the planet.