iphone-ipad.jpgSan Diego – Cupertino, California based Apple has applied for a patent to allow for a transfer of information between Apple devices requiring just a simple swipe motion from one device to the other. 

The new technology would require that each device use its accelerometer, gyroscope, and NFC hardware to coordinate the data transfer.  According to the details of the patent, the technology will utilize sound effects such as a vacuum sound to indicate that data is being transferred.  Another interesting feature is that the transfers will be animated, so as to appear that the data being transferred is actually moving through the air, like sand pouring from an hourglass.   So,  if you are viewing a web page on your iPhone and want to view it on a larger medium such as an iPad, you could transfer the webpage from the iPhone to the iPad with a simple swiping motion. 

This technology could be especially useful in transferring data to the much anticipated Apple TV which is expected to be revealed in late 2012.  Apple has also filed two new patent applications attempting to outdo HTC’s Scribe pen.  One could use a new Apple stylus device at a distance, writing in the air, which would then show the results on an iPad or other nearby Apple device.