drone.jpgIPNews® –  The maker  of the world’s most popular toy drones is being accused of patent infringement by a Taiwanese company. 

Drone Technologies, Inc. filed a lawsuit against Parrot, Inc. for its use of certain technology that allows toy drone owners to operate their devices by using an application on their smartphones.  As a result

microsoft.jpgIPNews® – After losing a trademark infringement lawsuit filed by the UK’s BSkyB, Microsoft has rebranded its SkyDrive cloud storage system as OneDrive.

The change comes after Microsoft threatened to appeal the decision.  However, months after the ruling Microsoft has finally worked out a deal with BSkyB, part of which included changing the SkyDrive name. 

google.jpgIPNews® – Controversial patent holdings company Intellectual Ventures is taking Google to court over a series of patents used in its Motorola smartphones.  

Google has defended its use of the technology by claiming “There’s no building at Intellectual Ventures…They are in the business of bringing lawsuits.”  If Google obtains a victory in the case

coins.jpgIPNews® – Famed rapper Kanye West has filed a lawsuit against the makers of “COINYE” bitcoin, alleging trademark infringement.

The lawsuit was filed last week in federal court after demands to resolve the issue through a cease and desist letter failed.   West’s legal team contends that the COINYE currency wrongfully implies an association between the

iphone-apps.jpgIPNews® – Blackberry has commenced a lawsuit against a tech startup company that makes keyboard add-ons for iPhones, in an effort to make typing easier for Apple users.

The dwindling smartphone manufacturer filed a patent infringement lawsuit against Typo, which is backed by Ryan Seacrest.   Blackberry alleges that the Typo Keyboard infringes on the look

tv_remote_control.jpgIPNews® – ShareTV recently won a trademark infringement case against a Korean citizen which included the transfer of the Sharetv.com domain name.

For its seven years in operation, ShareTV had been using ShareTV.org because the ShareTV.com domain had been registered years earlier.  After multiple attempts to try to resolve the presence of what it found

google.jpgIPNews® – Hanginout, Inc. has filed a trademark lawsuit against Google, Inc. for its use of “Hangouts”

The much smaller San Diego company took on the Northern California giant, filing a trademark infringement lawsuit last month.   The complaint claims that Google is wrongfully using “Hangouts” to refer to its live video chat app, which infringes