dna-strand.jpgSan Diego – Human Genome Sciences recently received a favorable ruling in a patent dispute with Eli Lilly concerning the validity of a patent for a gene sequence for use in developing treatments for people with immune diseases.

Eli Lilly originally contested the European patent owned by Human Genome on the grounds that the patent was too vague in describing its potential uses.  Eli Lilly also alleged that, if upheld, the patent would stifle gene sequencing research.  Human Genome Sciences uses human DNA sequences to develop protein and antibody drugs.

The protein at issue is known as a Tumor Necrosis Factor protein, which is involved in facilitating an increase or decrease in plasma concentration in reaction to inflammation.  Human Genome plans to use the patented gene sequence to develop its Lupus drug Benlysta.  For more information on the case, click here: Human Genome Wins Against Eli Lilly.