troll.jpgLos Angeles – Two months ago we wrote this story: about Matt Drudge, owner of the Drudge Report, reaching an out-of-court settlement with Righthaven LLC in regard to a copyright infringement over the use of a photograph.  Righthaven has been referred to as a copyright troll for its practice of acquiring newspaper content and photos from its partner newspapers after learning that the content has been used without permission.  Righthaven then sues the site owners for copyright infringement in an effort to reach an out of court settlement for monetary damages.

Mike Masnick over at has this interesting update: which could at least temporarily end Righthaven’s flurry of lawsuits.  The recently discovered documents  also pose a serious financial danger for Righthaven because the discovery could lead to awards of attorneys’ fees for all cases that are presently pending.  Righthaven’s exposure is due to a prevailing party’s ability to recover attorneys’ fees in copyright litigation.