headphones2.jpgSan Diego – It seems as if legal troubles follow Lil’ Wayne wherever he goes.  Just after his recent release from jail for serving a one-year sentence for weapons possession, the rapper is now a defendant in a $15 million copyright infringement suit for allegedly stealing parts of the hit song, “Bedrock.”

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit, Done Deal Enterprises, are accusing Wayne and his record label, Young Money Records, of stealing parts of the song which also featured artists Drake, Nicki Minaj, and Lloyd.  The song hit number one on Billboard Magazine’s Rap Charts and number two in the Hot 100.  Also named in the lawsuit are Universal Music Group and Cash Money Records.

Done Deal is claiming that it owns the copyrights to the song samples and is asking for monetary damages of $15 million.  Lil’ Wayne has been ordered to appear in court on October 12, to answer the claims.

The rapper, born Dwayne Carter Jr., has also been sued by several music producers for unpaid royalties from a 2008 duet with rapper, T-Pain.  In addition, music producer David Kirkwood is suing Wayne for outstanding payments for his work on the rapper’s album, ‘Tha Carter III.’  Probably the most notorious copyright allegations Wayne has faced came from Abkco Music, Inc. in 2008, which claimed Wayne infringed on its rights to the Rolling Stone’s song “Play With Fire,” when he released an altered version without their permission.  As a result, “Play With Fire” was removed from the online music tracklists for Wayne’s album, ‘Tha Carter III.’

No comment was available from Wayne and his attorneys.