concert-2.jpgIPNews® – A judge has ruled that a copyright infringement case regarding Pharrell Williams and Robin Thicke’s song, “Blurred Lines,” should go to trial.

Music legend Marvin Gaye’s family has alleged that “Blurred Lines” is a copyright infringement of the 1977 Gaye hit “Got to Give It Up.”  The case is scheduled to go to

Grooveshark.jpgIPNews® – A federal judge in New York has ruled that Grooveshark, a free online music service, is liable for copyright infringement because it uploaded numerous songs without proper permission.

Grooveshark had argued that its actions were protected under the “safe harbor” provision of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.  But the judge disagreed and is

tattoo.jpgIPNews® – San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick obtained the copyright waivers from two tattoo artists who designed and inked the tattoos on his biceps.

The arm tattoos will be on display in Kaepernick’s digital avatar in the new “Madden” video game to be released next month. The past has shown that those that reproduce

music-headphones.jpgIPNews® –  Streaming media provider Spotify has been hit with a copyright infringement lawsuit over the way it allows users to create, play and share music playlists.

The party bringing the claim, Ministry of Sound, argues that Spotify infringes copyrights by allowing users to copy and then re-share songs in the same order as the

concert-2.jpgIPNews® – The singers of this summer’s #1 hit, “Blurred Lines,” were in court last week, defending their song from claims of copyright infringement by the family of Marvin Gaye.

Musicians Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. all filed a lawsuit in federal court, asking the judge to rule that the soul-inspired song does not

birthday.jpgIPNews® – The copyright for “Happy Birthday to You” has come into contention recently, as a filmmaker filed a lawsuit in New York seeking to cancel the song’s copyright protection.

The debate stems over the copyright held by Warner/Chappell Music, originally obtained in 1935 for the piano composition still in use.  Opponents claim that the