San Diego – Former Governor Charlie Crist issued an apology on YouTube on Monday to singer David Byrne for using a Talking Heads song without permission during his unsuccessful 2010 campaign for U.S. Senate.   David Byrne, who is the singer of the band The Talking Heads, had sued Crist for $1 million for using the band’s song, “Road to Nowhere”.

“I sincerely apologize to David Byrne,” Crist said. “The use of David Byrne’s song and his voice in my campaign advertisement without his permission was wrong and should not have occurred.”  During the apology Crist often appears to be reading from a script which was likely prepared by Byrne’s attorneys. 

In his own statement Byrne said: “It turns out I am one of the few artists who has the bucks and [guts] to challenge such usage. I’m feeling very manly after my trip to Tampa. Other artists may actually have the anger but not want to take the time and risk the legal bills. I am lucky that I can do that. Anyway, my hope is that by standing up to this practice maybe it can be made to be a less common option, or better yet an option that is never taken in the future.”  Byrne’s attorney added: “This settlement again confirms that U.S. copyright and trademark laws apply to politicians and their advertising agencies, just like everyone else.”

Other terms of the settlement beyond the public apology are confidential.