helmet.jpgIPNews® – Bill Gates is among many inventors listed on a patent application for a high technology football helmet.  

The helmet is designed to reduce forces and head accelerations due to impact.  The helmet also includes sensors measuring damage done to the helmet, and the ability to report when damage exceeds a determined threshold.  To continue reading, click: Bill Gates and Intellectual Ventures Seek Patent for Sensor-Filled Helmet

shopping-carts.jpgIPNews® – Walmart has filed for a patent that might bring your shopping cart to life. 

The patent involves technology that would allow your shopping cart to drive itself and answer your questions while you focus on shopping.  While likely to improve the shopping experience, the technology is expected to decrease the staffing required for each store.  To continue reading, click: Walmart Seeks Patent for Robo-Shopping Cart

finger.jpgIPNews® – A recently published patent application by Apple covers technology allowing devices to record and transmit biometric data on unauthorized users.  

The recorded information, such as fingerprints and photos, could be used to identify and help prosecute thieves.  Though likely to appear in upcoming Apple products, the timing of the release is uncertain.  To continue reading, click: Apple Patent Will Deter Theft of Devices by Taking Photos, Videos and Fingerprints

shaver.jpgIPNews® – In response to a new razor design by Edgewell Personal Care Co, Proctor and Gamble has filed a lawsuit through its subsidiary The Gillette Company.  

Gillette argues false advertising over Edgewell’s claim that the razor shaves as good or better than Gillette’s Mach3 razor.  The lawsuit also claims patent infringement, unfair competition, and deceptive acts and practices.  To continue reading, click: Proctor and Gamble Files Patent Infringement Lawsuit Versus Shaving Rival

shoes.jpgIPNews® – Adidas has filed a lawsuit against Skechers, claiming patent infringement over a shoe design that attaches running blades to the sole of the shoe.

This lawsuit is the second one by Adidas and third one by a major competitor against Skechers in the past year.  The shoe industry is seeing a trend in increased litigation over intellectual property in recent years.  To continue reading, click: Adidas Sues Skechers Over Patent Infringement

baby.jpgIPNews® – Based on a patent filed by Google, baby monitoring is going high-tech. 

The patent seeks to protect a smart crib integrated with high technology baby monitoring which detects things like baby movements, temperature, and oxygen levels.   The crib will even analyze the baby’s cries and can be proactive in resolving the issue.  To continue reading, click: Google Seeks a Patent for a Smart Crib

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Apple has received a patent for a phone composed entirely of a screen.

The button-less phone would function entirely as a touch screen, with images and text capable of wrapping around the front of the phone and extending into the sides and back of the phone. The design is an attempt to take better advantage of potential screen space on the phone and improve user experience.  To continue reading, click: Apple Receives Patent for iPhone that is Entirely a Screen

automobile.jpgIPNews® – Google has been granted a patent for a system that would adhere victims of auto collisions to a self-driving vehicle.

The adhesive material would be hidden on the hood and bumper of a car, the locations where a pedestrian is most likely to be hit, and would only be exposed when the vehicle is in a collision. Adhering the crash victim to the car reduces the risk of a “secondary collision.”  To continue reading, click: Google Granted Patent for Auto Adhesive for Collisions With Pedestrians

contact lense.jpgIPNews® – Sony recently became the third major player to file a patent application for a smart contact lens.  

Sony’s smart lens contains a camera that captures images when the user creates a special blink. Sony’s lens would offer features such as the ability to change the aperture and store photos directly in the contact.  To continue reading, click: Sony Files Patent for Smart Contact Lens with Camera Capabilities

apple-store.jpgIPNews® – Apple has agreed to pay $24.9 million to settle a years-long lawsuit alleging that its Siri voice assistant technology violated a patent licensed to a Dallas company by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in New York.

The Dallas company, Dynamic Advances, was the exclusive licensee of Rensselaer’s patent.  The lawsuit dates back to October 2012, almost exactly a year after Apple introduced Siri with iOS 5 and the iPhone 4S.  To continue reading, click: Siri Patent Infringement Settlement to Cost Apple $24.9M