crocs.jpgIPNews® – Popular footwear company, Crocs, has received a third rejection of its design patent application for its popular shoe design.

Crocs’ shoe design was deemed unoriginal and there are reports that the design was already in use prior to Crocs.  Apart from the setback with the patent, Crocs has also been forced to close

golf.jpgIPNews® – Coscto, maker of the Kirkland Signature Golf Ball, has preemptively filed a lawsuit against Titleist’s parent company over golf ball patents.  

In 2016 Costco’s new golf ball was a tremendous hit with consumers and they quickly sold out of the product.  Shortly thereafter Titleist claimed that Costco’s golf balls violate its patents.

automobile.jpgIPNews® – Google’s self-driving car project, known as Waymo, has filed a lawsuit against Uber over allegedly stolen intellectual property. 

Waymo alleges that a former employee went to great lengths to take trade secrets to Uber’s driverless division called Otto.  Despite very detailed allegations of the infringement in the Complaint, Uber has denied the claim. 

shopping-carts.jpgIPNews® – Walmart has filed for a patent that might bring your shopping cart to life. 

The patent involves technology that would allow your shopping cart to drive itself and answer your questions while you focus on shopping.  While likely to improve the shopping experience, the technology is expected to decrease the staffing required for

finger.jpgIPNews® – A recently published patent application by Apple covers technology allowing devices to record and transmit biometric data on unauthorized users.  

The recorded information, such as fingerprints and photos, could be used to identify and help prosecute thieves.  Though likely to appear in upcoming Apple products, the timing of the release is uncertain. 

shaver.jpgIPNews® – In response to a new razor design by Edgewell Personal Care Co, Proctor and Gamble has filed a lawsuit through its subsidiary The Gillette Company.  

Gillette argues false advertising over Edgewell’s claim that the razor shaves as good or better than Gillette’s Mach3 razor.  The lawsuit also claims patent infringement, unfair competition

shoes.jpgIPNews® – Adidas has filed a lawsuit against Skechers, claiming patent infringement over a shoe design that attaches running blades to the sole of the shoe.

This lawsuit is the second one by Adidas and third one by a major competitor against Skechers in the past year.  The shoe industry is seeing a trend in