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Lenovo, B&N, Other Tablet Makers Sued Over Double-Click Patent

IPNews® - Lenovo Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc., Amazon.com Inc. and other tablet makers are infringing Hopewell Culture & Design LLC's patent for a double-click user interaction system, Hopewell said in a barrage of new lawsuits filed Friday. B&N's Nook, Amazon's Kindle, Lenovo's ThinkPad andIdea Pad, Coby Electronics Corp.'s Kyros, Viewsonic Corp.'s ViewBook and Viewpad and Vizio Inc.'s VTAB1008 all infringe U.S. Patent Number 7,171,625, according to the complaints. The allegedly infringing features include software allowing a user to double click or double tap a visual element representing interactive content and interact with a second version of the interactive content.... More
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